COVID-19 Return to Work Solutions


COVID-19 Return to Work Solutions

Abel Design Group and FormulaMed, health advocacy and wellness firm, have joined forces to help companies quickly and safely resume operations with confidence among the workforce. The collaboration creates a holistic solution that includes the best of healthcare, mental wellness, design, and education to meet the immediate and long-term needs of commercial office, hotel, restaurant, industrial, manufacturing, and retail clients. View the brochure of comprehensive services (pdf).

COVID-19 Return to Work Solutions Leadership

Laura Evans
Laura Swank
Kathy Chauvin
Jeffrey Abel


-Evaluation of workforce readiness, workplace hazards, and operational assessment; Assessment of existing space with accompanying proposal of alternate plans by licensed design and medical professionals

-Rework floor plan for social distancing measures, occupancy ratios, and make modifications to plan while adhering to government building regulations and ADA compliancy; 3D visualizations to understand proposed alterations and modifications

-Re-imagine hardware, fixture specifications, and equipment to minimize touch zones

-High fidelity SARS-CoV-2 and reverse Transcriptase PCR & lgG antibody testing; Ongoing procedural support and employee testing services

-Alternating staffing processes and the impact on floor plates and layout

-Workforce webinar to educate and train all employees on COVID-19 health and safety

-Policies, procedures, and company guidelines live document generation with company-wide Q&A session

-Long term planning for post-COVID-19 occupancy

-Ongoing cost benefit analysis

-Ongoing mental wellness support for employees