Abel Design Group wins 2018 Houston PaperCity Design Award

On Monday, April 23, 2018, Abel Design Group (ADG) was announced as a winner in the PaperCity Design Awards 2018 competition in the Commercial Interior Design and Architectural Design: Office, Theater, Spiritual or Public Space category. Led by Principal Simona Furini, the winning project, “Hedge Fund Company/Think Tank”, is located in the Houston Galleria area.

The project, which was completed in 2017, presented two design challenges: the unusual geometry and architecture of the building, and the need to house both a nonprofit foundation think thank and a hedge fund company. “We embraced the complex geometry of the building—instead of forcing it into preconceived planning modules—and created a sequence of open office space and communal areas along the perimeter wall, taking full advantage of natural light and panoramic views of the Houston urban landscape. The choice of materials, furniture pieces, and decorative lighting throughout, was informed by our hospitality expertise and infused a sense of softness and levity into the design, while maintaining in strategic areas the tailored profile of a corporate environment. The result is a successful balancing act of blending the dual-nature of our client, and—like in a beautiful home—creating a smooth transition between an elegant living room and a more relaxed game room or kitchen, perfect for conversations and collaborative exchange of ideas,” stated Principal Simona Furini.

This project is the fourth project completed by ADG for the same client.




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