Jason Summers Joins The Goree Family of Companies

HOUSTON, May 14, 2024 —

Jason Summers, former Principal / Owner of PRAXIS3, LLC., joins The Goree Family of Companies as Associate Principal and will lead the firm’s Atlanta office. Beyond developing business and managing the office’s daily operations, Jason will spearhead the integration between Goree and Abel Design Group after their formal partnership in 2023.

A career spanning three decades including time at global firms Gensler and HOK, Jason has been responsible for an array of award-winning projects that redefined and advanced brand images. His branding and design expertise will expand The Goree Family of Companies’ services by incorporating client brand creation into the design of built environments and enable the creation of immersive spaces that not only embody a brand but also offer uniquely memorable experiences.

“There’s no doubt Goree and Abel deliver exceptional designs that go beyond our clients’ expectations,” Managing Partner Steven Craney said. “But, with Jason in the mix, our approach to design can achieve a whole new level — not only serving a fundamental purpose, but also amplifying a client or brand’s identity within a livable, functional and memorable space.”

With a diverse background in architecture, interior design, and branding, Jason’s portfolio connects multiple commercial sectors including corporate office, automotive, multifamily, retail banking, hospitality and mixed-use — all markets serviced by Goree’s 61-year legacy and Abel’s 23-year expertise. His holistic approach to design is a natural extension of his extensive and varied experience.

“For me, every lens I look through, is design — it’s the core to problem solving and innovation,” Jason said. “Everything we do involves creativity, critical thinking and collaboration. In addition to tangible spaces, design also applies to intangible concepts and systems. This holds true for integrating processes like The Goree Way with the Abel way of servicing clients, user interface and organizational structures.”

One year since the announcement of the formal partnership, Jason’s unique role will see him facilitating a strategic and unified alliance between the services and processes of Goree + Abel. “Jason’s specific appointment is the first of its kind — the first Goree + Abel employee,” Steven said. “He will be pivotal to integrating our processes. Ultimately, this leads to expanding our global solutions and a full spectrum of services to our clients. Also, Jason is the personification of the Goree + Abel partnership, a living, breathing yin and yang of our two firms — architecture meets premiere branded interior design.” Given the parallels between his diverse career and the rich histories of Goree + Abel, Jason is a natural fit to seamlessly bridge the two companies and blend them into a unified entity.

“I see myself as an integrator,” Jason said. “The hardest part of starting something new — like the Goree + Abel partnership — is knowing where to start. Sometimes you have to build the car as you’re driving. It’s about fostering collaboration, synergy and cohesion across various domains as we drive to our ultimate goal.” Eager to foster the formal partnership and see The Goree Family of Companies reach new heights, Jason leans on his favorite adage for motivation. “’The windshield is larger than the rearview mirror.’ Whether it’s a client, coworker or family member, I encourage them to think about that. It’s essential to reflect on past experiences and learn from them; BUT, the opportunities and possibilities ahead are vast and should be the primary focus. Right now, everyone at The Goree Family is looking through that windshield. The possibilities are limitless.”


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