“Employee-centric” was the design directive for, consistently rated one of the best workplaces nationwide.’s office is fresh and modern, open and fun, with transparent dividers to let in the light. Brightly colored multi-sized collaboration spaces abound, including one large enough for founder Jay Steinfeld’s weekly company-wide address.

The milestones of Steinfeld’s success story characterize the space: the conference room evokes the first company van; the bricked and graffitti’d reception area is a replica of the first back-alley warehouse; the interactive technology wall befits the first drapery company to sell its wares online. The new corporate office lives up to its prominently displayed mottoes: experiment without fear; encourage self-expression; improve continuously; enjoy the ride. 

Corporate Interior Design Houston Fun Colorful Modern Private Meeting Room
Private Meeting Room
Corporate Interior Design Houston Fun Colorful Modern Breakout
Breakout Space