Dynamo/Dash Headquarters

Dynamo/Dash Headquarters

ADG was asked to elevate Houston Dynamo/Dash's presence with the renovation of a three-story office building into its dynamic new headquarters. Within budget constraints, our focus is on revitalizing the space, subtly incorporating the Dynamo/Dash brand, and addressing functional requirements. The design harmoniously integrates open workspaces, private offices, a spacious breakroom, and an exclusive VIP lounge for entertaining season ticket holders. This project is a testament to our commitment to cost-effective innovation, breathing fresh energy into the existing framework, crafting a workspace that not only reflects the brand's identity but also fosters collaboration and functionality in a refreshed and modern environment.

Custom banquette
Open Work

The client wanted the office space to be neutral, as the employees enjoy displaying their team spirit. To brand the space, designers added a pop of color to the exposed ceiling.

Executive Office

The breakroom aims to function as a casual meeting space, as well as dining. This space doubles as a place for the staff to watch the game-on-game day!


A pop of color to brand the stairwell revitalized this space, without going over budget.

Exterior Mural

The client has future plans to renovate the exterior of the HQ. Branded paint colors to accentuate the existing architecture, and a unique mural by a local artist made this building feel at home in EaDo.