Encino Energy

Encino Energy

Encino Energy relocated to the San Felipe Plaza Tower and wanted the design team to create an office that speaks to the company’s brand – a blend of modern, rustic, and industrial, with infusions of the natural elements indicative of the industry, and the company’s assets. The design spans the three floors of the newly acquired lease space, including the elevator lobbies.  

Employees and guests are greeted with crisp, painted brick; warmly hued light fixtures; wooden cross beams suspended from the ceiling; and images of sunsets, hills, or rolling plains, as they exit the elevators onto an Encino Energy floor. The custom wallcoverings were created from landscape photography from the fields owned by Encino Energy. Much like the fields, the design of the Encino Energy elevator lobby is the first indication that the employee or guest has entered “Encino Country.” 

The scope of the project includes private offices, open office areas, collaboration areas, break room, coffee areas, wellness rooms, conference rooms, board room, executive suite, restrooms, and new finishes to an existing staircase. 

Encino Energy_Reception Area Design

Within the space, from reception to the staircase to workstations, biophilia and images of Encino Energy landscapes are found throughout. Elements of nature are a key component of employee wellness. Commercial grade Restoration Hardware ancillary furniture and commercial furniture were used to ensure the feel of a hospitality setting with the function of a working office.

Encino Energy_Split Level Stairway Design
Split Level Stairway
Breakroom Lounge

Each floor has several coffee break areas, but a large, central breakroom was designed to create cross-departmental communication and camaraderie. Much like the “family-style” table, the multifunctional breakroom can be used to host everything from lunches to happy hours to meetings.

Encino Energy_Multifunction Space Design with people
Multi-functional Space
Encino Energy_Breakroom Seating Design
Encino Energy_Corporate Bathroom Design
Corporate Restroom
Encino Energy_Hallway with graphic wall design
Executive Hallway
Encino Energy_Executive Conference Room Design
Executive Conference Room
Encino Energy_Corporate Executive Office Design
Executive Office
Encino Energy_Corporate Private Office Design
Private Office
Encino Enery_Collaboration Area with Table
Collaboration Area
Encino Energy_Corporate Coffee Bar Design
Coffee Bar
Encino Energy_Collaboration Area with Round Booth
Collaboration Area
Encino Energy_Open Collaboration Area with Leather Seating
Collaboration Area
Encino Energy_Corporate Training Room Design
training room
Encino Energy_Repurpose Open Office Area Design
Repurposed Open Office Area

To maximize the budget and to integrate sustainable practices, the design team acquired used workstations, and salvaged shelving systems and accent chairs from the company’s previous space.