IPT Global

IPT Global is a software company based in Katy, Texas that is in the oil and gas assurance space. They help detect leaks in the production of oil and gas, providing the data and analysis in the form of charts and graphs to their clients. In this new corporate office space, IPT Global wanted to appeal to the millennial workforce.

The design for the space is not only tailored to their target demographic – crisp, light, and modern, but is also inspired by their business – the charts and graphs they provide to their clients serve as inspiration for the wall design. To set the mood of a fresh and modern, yet tech, company, the greatest design impact is found upon entering the office in the reception area.

Featuring frameless glass doors, a sleek, solid white reception desk, and an accent wall and ceiling completed in a variety of finishes, IPT Global greets employees and visitors with an innovative and aspirational feel.

Corporate Interior Design IPT Global Houston Light Modern Dining Area Breakout Area
Coffee Bar and Seating
Corporate Interior Design IPT Global Houston Light Modern Breakroom Striped Backsplash
Breakroom and Dining Area