National Insurance Consultancy

National Insurance Consultancy

A regional subsidiary of a confidential National Insurance Consultancy relocated from the Austin Central Business District to nearby Rollingwood. The new office provides the proximity to downtown the employees desire in addition to a clean-slate, first-generation space which enabled Abel Design Group (ADG) to capture the local personality of the well-established international company. With a tight timeline, ADG and the client team collaborated on programming requirements for the main office as well as a space within to house a tech startup directly connected to the client's services.

Corporate Interior Design Insurance Company Austin Open Workstations
Corporate Interior Design Insurance Company Austin Breakout Space
Breakout Space

Expanding on the regional subsidiary's online mantra, "World Class, Local Touch," the intent was to create a workspace that simultaneously celebrates Austin's vibrant culture and presents a polished, no-nonsense face for risk-adverse clients. Ultimately, ADG created two spaces that complement each other but speak to the distinctly different end users through strategic use of color and texture. A centrally-located break room helps bridge both worlds.

Corporate Interior Design Insurance Company Austin Private Phone Room Geometric Wall
Private Phone Room

The design team selected a palette of finishes that range from tailored elements to more raw finishes - wood veneer to expanded metal mesh; herringbone floor patterns to raw exposed concrete.

Distinct logos and aesthetics at the separate entries allow each company to make a strong first impression. Budget was maintained by prioritizing impactful but affordable materials and by placing key design features in client-facing areas. Company branding is referenced through angled architectural elements and furniture and finish selections; the Technology suite maintains a more urban feel with a saturated palette and exposed building materials.

To help compensate for the move from the downtown central business district to a less pedestrian-friendly location, the break room is designed to be comfortable, functional, and visually impactful - a place to gather and foster community.