Snap Kitchen

Snap Kitchen provides healthy, pre-packaged meals, snacks, and juices, with an emphasis on quality ingredients, local sourcing, and sustainability. The chain is opening new locations frequently, and while the shape and size of each location can vary from one to the next, each must maintain brand consistency. For this project, located in Houston, TX, the space was previously inhabited by two coffee shops, in an easy to overlook location alongside a busy thoroughfare.

The goal of this project was to create an exterior with distinct curb appeal that draws the attention of passing traffic and an inviting interior that appears larger than it really is. The use of color and the addition of an outdoor seating area were the primary vehicles to create curb appeal. A series of green pendant light fixtures located along the front window banquette add a pop of color that can be seen from the outside and contrast with the orange awnings at the exterior.

New minimal lighting and a reflective ceiling further help brighten up the space. To maintain brand consistency, Snap Kitchen’s signature colors and flooring are used throughout the space.