Abel Design Group was asked to provide an interior office renovation of one and a half floors for Waterbridge, featuring a monumental stair, golf simulator room, and custom furniture. The client wanted a space that spoke to their welcoming, playful, and relationship-focused culture, as well as their expertise in their field.

Large Break Room & Lounge

The large break room and lounge have beautiful views, natural light, and polished concrete floors, & acoustic baffles to keep the noise down.

Custom Light Fixture and Stair

The custom decorative light fixture above the stair provides a stunning focal point that draws you in as you move through the space. A unique stone cut to create large geometric shapes divided by a thin metallic trim creates an eye-catching feature wall across two levels.

Collaboration Pods

Using a furniture solution to define collaboration zones.

Large Board Room

Designers and AV consultants collaborated to create a boardroom with a robust AV set up. A glass partition provides privacy for meetings, but can be opened when collaboration is necessary.

Coffee Bar and Workstations

Custom see-through partition was sketched and created to add an interesting pattern to the space.

Golf Simulator Room

The golf simulator room, ping pong tables, and shuffleboard are in line with the “work hard, play hard” attitude of Waterbridge. 

Control Room

Worked with an AV consultant to create a well-designed control room, so that the client could then showcase to visitors.