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Abel Design Group

Abel Design Group Reception Area Design
Office Entrance

Abel Design Group took advantage of an office expansion to reconfigure, remodel, and refresh the company’s Houston office. The new design plays with contrast, bringing in both soft and hard materials, colorful wall coverings and stark neutrals. The design team also reimagined the office into functional zones.

In addition to being a functional workspace, the office was also designed to be a “showroom” for clients, bringing to life design concepts such as the knife edge on the marble island in the breakroom and the curved banquette backs in the reception area.

Reception and Waiting Area
Reception Area

The front of house is comprised of the reception, break room, and library. Designed to make an impactful first impression, the new quartzite and wood reception desk, black steel panels, and built-in banquette seat, give the reception area an edgy yet refined feel.

Abel Design Group Breakroom and Library
Breakroom and Library

The library and breakroom were relocated and reimagined to create one large, seamless gathering space and hub for socializing, education, and collaboration. Additional shelving and layout surface gives designers more flexibility and organization in the library. Dedicated return shelves make returning and recycling material samples easier for both designers and vendors.

Abel Design Group corridor

The middle of the office serves as the formal meeting hub for employees and guests. The new conference rooms feature upgraded technology and are outfitted with new slim, black-framed glass fronts.

small conference room design
Small Conference Room
Large Conference Room Design
Large Conference Room
Abel Design Group open office design
Open Office Design

The back of house now consolidates all employees in one central location. The workstations and offices allow for closer proximity of support staff to the architects and designers. The addition of two focus rooms and a wellness room gives employees options to break away for quiet reflection, rest, and private conversations. For sustainability and to adhere to the budget, elements of the original design, such as the wood baffle ceiling over the open workstations, were updated with new black-framed linear lights.

Abel Design Group Collaboration Area
Collaboration Area
focus room design
Focus Room
Abel Design Group Wellness Room
Wellness Room