Flow-Cal is the premier developer of software measuring liquid and gas flow in upstream and downstream systems. Their office celebrates a commitment to remaining “One of Houston’s Best Places to Work,” and furthers their branding. A gobo projects the new logo onto the entry floor. 

Raised curve details mimic the flow of liquid and gas through a refinery system, as well as the flow of information through the office and into the industry; green symbolizes new ideas, while whites symbolize gases; blues, water, and greys, oils. The curves incorporate writable surfaces for collaboration. Touch-down areas widen corridors, as huddle rooms and a coffee bar open up building corners. Glass walls and sidelights bring light deep into the space, enclose the Ping-Pong room, and showcase new high-tech workstations. The reclaimed wood ceiling at the entry follows the main axis of the building and aids in wayfinding; its LED lights align with flooring details in the reception area. 

Workplace Interior Design Flow-Cal Houston Coffee Bar Island Colorful Wall Graphics
Coffee Bar
Workplace Interior Design Flow-Cal Houston Breakroom Seating
Workplace Interior Design Flow-Cal HoustonOpen Office Workstations
Open Workstations