Gorilla Logic

Gorilla Logic

Based in Broomfield Colorado, Gorilla Logic delivers world-class software development and consulting services for enterprise-scale mobile, Web, and cloud applications. The Gorilla Logic team selected Abel Design Group’s Denver office to create an office design that echoed the brand’s personality - agile, unstoppable, polished, and exuberant.

The Gorilla Logic office design was centered around technology integration and seamless inter-office communication between the Costa Rica, Columbia, and Broomfield offices. With the integration and implementation of new technology platforms into the design and the consistency of technology access throughout the office, employees are able to collaborate better than ever before.  The impact of technology is also seen in the reception area. In lieu of a traditional reception desk, Gorilla Logic opted for a reception area that provides a sense of arrival upon entering the space, doubles as employee lounge space, and is visible from the work area. Visitors can text, call, or wave upon arrival. The partial glass partition was intentionally left clear so a direct line of sight was created between the reception area and work zones.

open work area design Gorilla Logic Denver office
Gorilla Logic Open Office Design

Soft seating in an open collaboration area provides space for quick meetings as well as an area to expand workstations in the future.

open work area benching design Gorilla Logic Denver office
Gorilla Logic Benching Area

The open area workspaces are organized in “pods” and provide immediate adjacency to meeting spaces and collaboration areas.

booth design Gorilla Logic Denver office
Gorilla Logic Booth Design

The booth area located near the open work space and adjacent to the breakroom was designed to provide an inspirational “moment” that captured both the brand and personality of Gorilla Logic, as well as provide a multi-functional area that could serve as meeting space, break space, or independent work space. The custom wallcovering, printed from an artist’s work out of London, captures the brand colors and boldness of the company’s style.

Board Room Design

The Board Room was designed to be close to the entry as well as to take advantage of the best mountain views. A servery area was incorporated into the design.

conference room design Gorilla Logic Denver office
Conference Room Design

The conference rooms are designed to draw employees into the room. Graphic, yet streamlined, the main employee conference room design integrates technology and creative whiteboard space.

break room design Gorilla Logic Denver office
Breakroom Design

Designed to take advantage of the mountain views, the break room has the capacity to hold large team meetings as well as social events. The origami sculptures seen on the break tables are made by the employees. Origami-making is a part of the company culture. You will often see origami made by employees during meetings.