After acquiring several music and athletic software brands, Peaksware wanted to elevate its ‘start-up’ office and transform it into a more sophisticated and inclusive representation. Moving from a dark office that had been pieced together over the years, Peaksware wanted an office that represented its employees, brands, and philosophies and would stay relevant.

The design process started with the conceptualization of attributes representing the culture from an employee perspective and brand identification. It was decided that because of the high variation in focused elements between the brands, the design strategy would be to incorporate the inuendo behind what they do. With an emphasis on texture, rhythm, and movement, the design came alive in a non-literal fashion.

A local artist was brought in to collaborate with the employees to provide murals that reflect the positive energy of the team and create inspiration for the employees at each entrance location. The final designs were inspired from the local landscapes.

Details such as the outline of tire tread marks in the custom window film, topo map tile backsplash, and acoustic light fixtures that resemble bike tires, are a few nods to the brands that can be seen throughout the office.


Connection to the outdoors was a key element of design. A large patio was designed adjacent to the breakroom with garage doors and accordion windows to enhance the experience. This also made for a great space to host all hands meetings or events.

A fitness room was built within the office to allow for group exercise/yoga classes, an area to test software, and on-site training. The team also worked with an acoustician to build out a music studio for the Peaksware employees to record podcasts and produce music and training demos for their software.