2023 REDNews Real Estate Awards

August 24, 2023

ADG We are excited to share that two out of three of our projects won the 2023 REDNews Real Estate Award! Kudos to the teams involved and our collaborators for each of these endeavors for achieving these nominations.

Project Description

Owner: Colliers Houston
Category: Interior Design, Office/HQ
Size: 30,000 Square Feet
Architect: Abel Design Group
Engineer: IMEG Corp.
MEP: I.A. Naman + Associates

Owner: Gray Reed 
Category: Interior Design, Lawfirm
Architect: Abel Design Group

Owner: Waterbridge
Category: Interior Design, Energy / Natural Resources :
Architect: Abel Design Group


Thank you REDnews and congratulations to all the winners.

To view a slideshow of our winners, click here.

About Abel Design Group: With offices in Houston (HQ), Austin, Denver, Dallas and Atlanta, Abel Design Group (ADG) is an award-winning, mid-size commercial architecture and interior design firm, licensed in several states. Services include architecture, corporate office design, hotel design, restaurant design, and retail design.






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