Gray Reed

The existing law firm space at Gray Reed underwent a comprehensive interior renovation with a focus on enhancing acoustics, conferencing capabilities, and creating comfortable amenity spaces. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Gray Reed chose to stand out from the rest of the legal industry and pursue their vision of making employees and clients "Feel at Home Here". To achieve this goal, the renovation incorporated the use of demountable glass fronts in all offices, allowing for maximum views of the exterior. The space now boasts a welcoming fireplace, wellness rooms for relaxation, an espresso bar for caffeine breaks, an entertaining bar for socializing, and a spacious break room for employees to gather and unwind.

Focus Room
Elevator Lobby
Executive Board Room
Secondary Pre-Function Area
Research Library

The combination of the dark shelves and the elegant marble surface creates a sophisticated and elegant look. The space is designed with both function and aesthetics in mind, with every detail carefully considered. From the comfortable seating to the ambient lighting, this library reading room is the perfect place to get lost in a good book or to complete some focused work.

Administrative Workstation

Open plan workstations with art displayed throughout the space.

Virtual courtroom Area

Internal space was used to create virtual courtrooms and research libraries.


Our client wanted an elegant space on the third level to house their extensive wine collection, perfect for after work gatherings.

Stair View from Coffee & Wine Lounge Area
Built-in Whiskey Cabinet
Coffee & Wine Lounge Seating