Investment and Trading Firm

Investment and Trading Firm

This Chicago-based trading and investment firm selected the design team to transform the firm’s downtown Austin penthouse into an homage to the firm’s greatest assets, the people and technology of the business. As a forward-thinking, tech-driven firm, the executives wanted that same innovation evident in the design.


To maximize natural light and views of the hill country and downtown for employee well-being, many of the public spaces in the office line the windows. In addition, the breakroom opens to one of four terraces that provide access to fresh air while enjoying a stunning view of the Texas Capitol. The design team did in-depth sun studies to design sun structures that would maximize shade in summer and sun in the winter.

The design celebrates the 30’ high ceilings and towering glass walls by transforming them into a hallmark element. To accentuate the dramatic volume, the curved deck is exposed and custom baffles were installed to absorb sound. Spiral ducts were strategically routed along the perimeter of the space to create visual interest without being a distraction. 


To offer variety and encourage collaboration, lounge spaces are found throughout the office. Shelving lines the corridors between workstations and circulation providing both privacy and a home for plant life, another key well-being strategy. The design also includes a wellness room, massage room, and private shower rooms.

Innovation in technology is an integral part of the client’s business and the cornerstone of the company’s future success. The server room is on display in the center of the space, enclosed in glass. Blue LED lit doors of each server indicate the chilled-door cooling system is at work. In addition, each trading desk has integrated water-cooled systems to help mitigate the heat. The overall affect is a sophisticated, high-tech feel that puts technology at the forefront.