PointsBet, a premier global sportsbook operator based in Australia, selected Abel Design Group Denver to design the new flagship US headquarters (HQ) based in Denver, Colorado. PointsBet’s Denver HQ will serve as the company’s western base of US operations, maintaining a focus on product innovation, development, and technology recruitment.

The 17,000 square foot PointsBet office located in the LoDo area of downtown Denver balances Scandinavian design with inspiration from the many sports that help power the PointsBet product.

One of the hallmarks of the PointsBet space is the “dugout”, an extension of the client’s breakroom that offers employees a view of Coors Field. Whether the team gathers for an all-hands meeting or to watch the World Series Playoffs together on the hidden screen, the dugout was created to be a multi-functional space. Custom-designed elements include a wall covering that features past and present Colorado Rockies baseball players, a stadium seating style bench that wraps around the perimeter of the space, red and white tables for bench seating, and a turf-inspired, metal logo.

Both modern and inviting, the open office design incorporates graphite, light wood tones, pops of PointsBet red, and baseball-glove inspired tan leather throughout the office. Plush soft seating zones offer alternative meeting areas and spaces to take a break. Due to the open concept and nature of the trading business, acoustics played an important role in the design plan. 

The design team incorporated both literal and abstract inspiration from the sports world. Many custom elements were designed for the PointsBet office including the feature wall upon entrance. Guests and employees are greeted with a playing field featuring the PointsBet logo, a collaboration between the design team, client, and a local artisan.

More subtle inspiration from the world of sports can be found in the zones that were created in the office the attention paid to the design details “above your head” and “below your feet.” For example, a light wood ceiling detail was added above a lounge area that was zoned in between several rows of workstations. In the trading room, the carpet directs the eye towards the view of the mountains. In addition, the design team leaned towards designing with the “odds” in mind, another nod to the sports betting world.

POINTSBET Corporate Interior Design Logo Wall
PointsBet Denver Headquarters Entry

To make an impact upon entry into the office, Abel Design Group collaborated with the client and a local, Denver-based artisan on the design and fabrication of a custom feature wall that celebrates sports fields and courts.

POINTSBET Corporate Interior Design Open Office
PointsBet Trading Room

The entrance to the suite faces the trading room, the main hub of activity in the PointsBet headquarters. Several screens give the trading team full access to all sporting events. Due to the nature of the sports betting trading business, particular attention was paid to acoustic linear lighting and baffles. The flooring was laid to guide the eye towards the view of the Rocky Mountains.

POINTSBET Corporate Interior Design Conference Rooms
PointsBet Board Room Waiting Area and Lounge

Many zones were created within the PointsBet office. This waiting area/lounge was strategically placed outside of the board room and the trading room. Glass fronts were used throughout the space to bring in natural light and to offer the 360 degree views of the mountains and cityscape to all employees.

POINTSBET Corporate Interior Design Open Office Space
PointsBet Denver Headquarter Open Office Design

The open office of uses streamlined benching with minimal storage to keep a tidy and open space. A lounge zone is strategically positioned between the rows.

POINTSBET Corporate Private Office Design
PointsBet Private Office Design

The PointsBet open office design also required a few private offices. Glass office fronts balance privacy while keeping lines of site open.

POINTSBET Corporate Interior Design Break Out Space
PointsBet Corporate Office Lounge Design

A parquet basketball court served as the inspiration for the wood plank ceiling above the inner-office work station lounge at The PointsBet office. This “above your head” detail gives definition to the space. A nod to the "odds" of the sports betting world, asymmetrical details are found throughout the space, including in the placement of the lighting in the wood plank ceiling.

PointsBet Conference Room Design

The PointsBet conference room design ups the ante. A refined houndstooth print covers the walls, while one red chair was added to each conference room, as a play on the “odds” of betting.

POINTSBET Corporate Interior Design Break Room Design
PointsBet Denver Headquarters Breakroom Design

The PointsBet breakroom design exudes the modern, Scandinavian aesthetic the client desired. An enclosed space, the breakroom features a custom solid surface waterfall island that can accommodate seating on both sides. Inspired by the fences around a baseball field, a fence tile full-height backsplash was incorporated into the design.

POINTSBET Corporate Interior Design Phone Room
PointsBet Corporate Office Design Phone Room

For privacy, an acoustic felt in a turf-inspired green was used to cover the walls of the PointsBet phone rooms. The sliding glass doors allow for privacy while still connecting the phone rooms to the office environment.