Allensworth, a law firm dedicated exclusively to complex commercial construction cases, selected Abel Design Group Austin, to bring their design vision of a people-centric and up-scale law firm to life.

Prior to onboarding Abel Design Group, the Allensworth team underwent a rigorous re-branding effort. As such, it was important that the design of the new office space mirrored the collaborative, vibrant, and polished ethos of the new brand.

The firm selected a full floor within Colorado Tower, a Class-A office building in the heart of downtown Austin, as their new home. The Design Team helped Allensworth study demising options for a potential sublease to provide maximum flexibility for growth through the life of their lease. The Allensworth suite within Colorado Tower included: a reception space, an executive board room, private and open offices, a breakroom, and even a hidden scotch room.

Details within the office nod to the firm’s history while space planning and material selections propel the firm into the future of law office space. Abel designed custom workstations to meet the specific needs of the legal assistant team and elevate the open work experience. Throughout the space, color, texture, lighting, and materiality are utilized to bring the new brand to life within the built environment.

Allensworth Reception Design
Reception area

The Allensworth reception features custom: lighting, a reception desk, and a colored open ceiling to establish the firm’s new brand immediately as clients step off the elevator.

Allensworth Conference Design
Executive Board Room

In the executive board room, the design team used color and pattern to relate to the firm’s energetic culture. The space plays host to many virtual depositions. As such, attention to acoustics through custom drapery, acoustical panels behind credenzas, and an acoustically treated open ceiling with decorative lighting help provide balanced acoustics for those joining meetings both in person and virtually.

Details that matter

Historically, Allensworth is one of the oldest and longest standing construction law firms in the city. The founding partner had a large collection of Texas Law books that serve as a functional piece of art built into the heart of the office.

Allensworth Breakroom Design

Allensworth has a rich history in Texas. Today, they have evolved into a young, energetic, and collaborative team. They take pride in being a small firm but a large family. ADG collaborated on a design for the breakroom that highlighted the views of the Colorado River and supported the large events and team building activities frequently hosted by the firm.